Luleå University of Technology and RIT at Almedalen: Space – A new Swedish base industry

Sweden has a unique position as space cluster for global development: geographical position, competence, test and industrial operations, world-class research and research infrastructure.

We will present concrete examples of how space activities create the conditions for a brand new base industry that generates knowledge and innovation to existing industries and public operations.

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Welcome to 60 minutes about Sweden’s role in space.

  • We start with breakfast 09.30-09.50
  • Program on stage between 09.50-11.00

Organizers welcome
Birgitta Bergvall-Kåreborn, Lecturer at LTU; Ella Carlsson Sjöberg, Deputy Director of IRF; Stefan Gustafsson, Vice President of the SSC.

Sweden’s unique position in terms of space operations
Niklas Nordström, Chairman of Business Sweden and Föreningen Svenskt Flyg.

Space from a European perspective
Johann-Dietrich Wörner, Director General of ESA.

Space from a Swedish perspective
Olle Norberg, Director General of the Space Agency.

Next generation space leaders
Video and interview Liisa Kiviloog, Sustainability Manager at SSC; Kanika Garg, PhD student at LTU.

Conversation with the space industry
Sara Gidlund, Experimental Coordinator at ESA; Stefan Gustafsson, Vice President Strategy & Sustainable Business at SSC; Christer Fuglesang, Space Advisor at SAAB.

The role of research in knowledge development, competence development, and industrial development
Ella Carlsson Sjöberg, Deputy Director of IRF; Jonas Ekman, Head of LTU; Christer Fuglesang, Professor of Space Studies at KTH.

The organizers end the event

Johanna Bergström Roos, Project Manager for RIT (Space for Innovation and Growth) at LTU Business.

Swedish Space Corporation
Department of Space Physics
Luleå University of Technology
LTU Business AB


Södra Murgatan 51, Visby; just within Österport