Space Innovation Forum #2

2016Dear members of the RIT project,

We have the great pleasure to invite you to the second Space Innovation Forum of the project RIT* that will take place in Kiruna on May 10-11.

Remember to register for the event – find it in your email.

Meeting venue

  • 10th of May: Space Campus
  • 11th of May: Camp Ripan


  • All partners of the RIT project.
  • All PhD students, supervisors and the board of the Graduate School of Space Technology
  • All space companies connected to LTU
  • Regional SMEs interested in the space industry
  • Media
  • Space students (Only May 10th)

Meeting objectives

  • Gather the project members and provide a physical (and launch a digital) platform for matchmaking between space industry, regional SMEs and academia.
  • Present the R&D projects within RIT
  • Highlight the needs of the space industry and the competence of the regional SMEs

    Preliminary Program

    May 10th at Space Campus

    From 12.00 – Lunch
    (Train arrives 10.45, flight 13.00)
    14.00 – Welcome – Space Innovation Forum #2
    Johanna Bergström-Roos, Project Manager & Stefan Sydberg, Deputy Mayor (Kiruna) 
    14.20 – Introduction – Onboard space systems
    Reza Emami, Professor LTU
    14.30Formation flying in space 
    Sumeet Satpute, PhD LTU & Per Bodin, OHB
    14.50 – ANSHAB – Autonomous Navigation System for High Altitude Balloons
    Kanika Garg, PhD LTU & Kent Andersson, SSC
    15.10 – Software-defined radio for ground-based satellite communication
    Moses Browne, PhD LTU & Christer Jonsson, SSC
    15.30 – MicroPILS – Micro Propulsion in the Loop Simulations
    Rickard Ottemark, PhD LTU & Johan Sundqvist, SSC Nanospace
    15.50 – Coffee
    16.20 – Development of the HABIT instrument
    Álvaro Soria-Salinas, PhD LTU & Johan Riesbeck, Omnisys
    16.40 – Intro Additive manufacturing (3D-printing)
    Marta-Lena Antti, Associate Professor LTU & Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck, Professor LTU
    16.50 – Additive Manufacturing in Sweden – a country tour
    Angelica Lindwall & Christo Dordlofva, LTU PhDs
     17.00 – SMARTi – Links between additive metal deposition process and the mechanical properties of Ti-6Al-4V
    Patrik Johansson, GKN
    17.10 – Design and qualification of additive manufacturing of space components
    Christo Dordlofva, PhD LTU & Ola Isaksson, GKN
    17.20 – Radical innovation within space applications 
    Angelica Lindwall, PhD LTU
    17.30 – Q&A session additive manufacturing
    17.50 – Conclusion day 1
    18:15 – Bus to Camp Ripan (Check-in at the hotel, dinner and social activities)

    May 11th at Camp Ripan

    08.00 WP 3 Update –  Collaboration and Innovation Management within RIT and the Centre of Excellence
    Mattias Gustafsson, LTU Business AB
    08.30 Open Cosmos and their journey from idea to a start-up
    Aleix Megias, LTU alumni from Space Campus
    08.50 QB50
    Reza Emami, Professor LTU
    09.10 The needs of the space industry
    Representatives from SSC, OHB, GKN, NanoSpace, Omnisys, IRF, EISCAT (5 min/company)
    10.10 Coffee
    10.40 Competence of relevance to the space industry
    Regional SMEs: LKAB Mekaniska (mechanics), Conex Engineering, Umbilical Design, Pre Eye
    11.10 How can the new city strengthen the space business and vice versa?
    Lars Bäckström, Municipal strategist, Kiruna
    11.30Thoughts about the next Space Innovation Forum
    Short workshop
    12.00 Conclusions
    12.15 Lunch
    (Flight departs 13.35, Train 13.54)