Space Innovation Forum


Space research and development enables critical innovation, boosts economic growth, and helps us understand and deal with global challenges. In fact, our future in space could decide our future on Earth.

Sweden is now on the verge of providing unique access to space from European ground. At the upcoming Space Innovation Forum, we therefore focus on one central theme: ACCESS TO SPACE.

How far are we from launching satellites to space from Esrange Space Center, Kiruna? What constitutes the next generation of space vehicles, and what is their potential? Which competences does our space cluster need in order to grow and evolve?

Join in as prominent organizations and minds share their compelling insights on where we are, and where we are headed.

Event documentation

Find presentations from the event here.

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The registration is closed, but anyone may participate online on day 1 of the program. Participate with this link.

Who is this event for?

Space Innovation Forum welcomes stakeholders from all levels and sectors: students, senior space experts, scientists, investors, and community builders.

What take-aways to expect?

  • Expand your insight into the impact of the space sector in Norrbotten, today and tomorrow.
  • Discover where Norrbotten is on its path to becoming a launch site for satellites.
  • Learn about the development and testing of exciting new technology.
  • Exchange and contribute with your ideas towards Norrbotten’s future as a space region.
  • Grow your professional network with talented and forward-thinking individuals and organizations.


We are able to offer discounted rates at Scandic Hotel Ferrum and Bishops Arms for a limited number of rooms.

Scandic Hotel Ferrum
When staying Dec 1-Dec 2
Single room including breakfast: 1990 SEK/night
Make your reservation to [email protected] and provide the booking number 47798769, ideally before November 8.

Bishops Arms
Single room including breakfast: 1490 SEK/night
Make your reservation to [email protected] och provide the booking code “SRTKiruna”, ideally before November 15.

Online participation

Day 1 of the program is broadcasted online. Participate with this link.


(SPACE CAMPUS – Bengt Hultqvists väg 1, Kiruna)

(Day 1 of the program is broadcasted and available for online participation)

12.00 Lunch at Space Campus (FULLY BOOKED)

13.00 Welcome
Johanna Bergström Roos, Project Manager for RIT2021, LTU Business

13.10 RIT2021 Highlights
Johanna Bergström Roos, Project Manager for RIT2021, LTU Business
Jonas Ekman, Professor, Head of department, Luleå University of Technology

13.25 Theme 1: Access to space

  • SmallSatExpress – Philip Påhlsson, Business Strategist, SSC
  • ISAR Aerospace testing at Esrange Space Centre – Josef Fleischmann, Chief Operating Officer, ISAR Aerospace
  • Rocket Factory testing at Esrange Space Centre – Jonas Gauger, Vice Director Testing Operations, RFA

14.30 Keynote: RUAG Space – How legacy space meets new space
Markus Borsand, Director Program Area Electronics, RUAG

15.15 Break with refreshments

15.45 Theme 2: Testing of space vehicles and technology

  • Themis Test at Esrange Space Centre – Laura Appolloni, Ground Systems and Operation, ArianeWorks
  • Prometheus – Swedish contribution to Themis propulsion – Johan Andersson, Program Manager Space, GKN Aerospace
  • ExoMars Drop Test at Esrange Space Center – John Underwood, Principal Engineer, Vorticity Systems
  • Laser diagnostics for rocket motors – Alexis Bohlin, Professor, Luleå University of Technology
  • Test and research at Luleå University of Technology – René Laufer, Professor, Luleå University of Technology
  • Test and research at IRF SpaceLab – Olle Norberg, Director, Swedish Institute of Space Physics

17.00 Mingle (with refreshments), exhibitions and presentations from regional startups as well as small and medium-sized enterprises

18.30 Bus to Scandic Ferrum for dinner

19.30 Dinner


(SCANDIC HOTEL FERRUM – Lars Janssonsgatan 15, Kiruna)

(Day 2 of the program is not broadcasted and therefore not available for online participation)

8.30 Welcome
Johanna Bergström Roos, Project Manager for RIT2021, LTU Business
Olle Norberg, Director, Swedish Institute of Space Physics

8.40 Theme 3: Capacity Building – presentations and panel

  • Big investments in the region – Lena Segerlund, CEO, Invest in Norrbotten
  • How to attract talent – Robert Ylitalo, Strategist, CGI
  • UNIVERSEH: The European Space University for Earth and Humanity – Peter Törlind, Associate Professor, Luleå University of Technology
  • Panel: Needs within the space community – Linda Lyckman (Swedish Space Corporation), Otto Andersson (Sparbanken Nord), Josef Fleischmann (ISAR Aerospace), Stefan Sydberg (Kiruna municipality)

10.00 What increases the attractiveness of our space region? A presentation of workshop results from the last Space Innovation Forum
Linn Friis Liby, Space student, Luleå University of Technology

10.20 Break with refreshments

10.50 Theme 4: Sustainable development of the space ecosystem

  • Panel: Perspectives from representatives of key functions in our space ecosystem – René Laufer at LTU, Linda Lyckman at SSC, Jens Lundström at ABI, Sandra Nilsson at Arctic Space Technologies, Johan Bergström at LTU Business, Otto Andersson at Sparbanken Nord and Gunnar Selberg at Kiruna kommun. 
  • New establishments and investments in the space region – Lisa Ek & Niklas Grönberg, Strategy Experts, LTU Business & Mox Murugan, Invest in Norrbotten

12.00 Conclusion
Olle Norberg, Director, Swedish Institute of Space Physics

12.20 Next Space Innovation Forum
Johanna Bergström Roos, Project Manager for RIT2021, LTU Business

12.30 Lunch at Scandic Ferrum