Space Innovation Forum

Join us in Kiruna on 19-20 September on the lunch-to-lunch Space Innovation Forum, as we wrap up the RIT-projects (Rymd för Innovation och Tillväxt), first launched in 2015 and closing in 2023.

We look forward to share valueable insights and inspiring examples of REAL impact of collaboration and innovation spanning 8 years. 
– The RIT project has attracted national and international recognition as a benchmark and success story of collaboration and innovation to drive regional development. We have grown the number of space companies in the region fourfold and built nearly twenty industry-academia research partnerships, says Johanna Bergström-Roos, RIT-project leader at LTU Business.

Programme: Impact learning for a sustainable future

From test-beds and a pool of international talent, to innovation support and business development for startups, this conference aims to share lessons that are transferable to other industries and regions, as well as putting a spotlight on what’s to come.

DAY 1 at Aurora Kultur & Kongress

12.00 Check-in and lunch

13.00 Welcome and introduktion
– Johanna Bergström Roos (Project Manager RIT, LTU Business)
– Niklas Lehto (Project owner, 
Prefect, Luleå University of Technology)

Latest news from SNSA perspective
– Anna Rathsman (Director General at Swedish National Space Agency)

Evaluation report by Oxford Research 
Findings from the synthesis analysis of RIT and RIT2021. What is there to learn? Both successful and less successful examples? What should we take with us in the next step?
– Roe Langaas (Senior Analyst, Oxford Research)

What’s the next step after RIT?
After eight successful years of innovation and regional development, what is needed to drive regional and national space co-operation on innovation, testbeds and research?
– Jonas Hjelm (Innovation Management RIT, LTU Business)
– Johanna Bergström Roos (Project manager RIT, LTU Business)

Survey: sustainability  
Measuring attitudes towards sustainability during the project.
– Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck (Professor, Luleå tekniska universitet)
– Roe Langaas (Senior Analyst, Oxford Research)

Session 1: Arenas for Collaboration

Collaboration within innovation systems
How to build well-functioning innovation systems? When do problems arise? What are the lessons learnt and best practices?
Moderator: Jonas Hjelm (Innovation Management RIT, LTU Business)
– Jens Lundström (Managing Director, ESA BIC Sweden), John Kostet (deputy head of business and society, Region Norrbotten), Karin Holmqvist (Head of Innovation Program Strategy, SSC), Kenneth Bodin, (CEO, Algoryx)

Collaboration within testbeds
How has the commercialisation of the testbeds succeeded? What are the opportunities and challenges ahead?
Moderator: Olle Norberg (General director, IRF)
– René Laufer (Professor, LTU), Philip Pålsson (Strategic Business Manager, SSC), Jonas Hjelm (Innovation Management RIT, LTU Business).

Collaboration within R&D
How do we make it work well? When does it fail? What are the challenges and best practices?
Moderator: Marta-Lena Antti (Professor, LTU)
– René Laufer (Professor, LTU), Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck (Professor, LTU), Olle Norberg (General director, IRF), Per Bodin (Head of AOCS Department, OHB), Karin Holmqvist (Head of Innovation Program Strategy,
SSC), Patrik Johansson (Research & Technology Programs, GKN)

17.50 End of presentations
19.30 Dinner at Scandic and Space Innovation Awards ceremony

Day 2 at Aurora Kultur & Kongress

9.00 Welcome and todays program
– Johanna Bergström Roos (Project Manager RIT, LTU Business)

Have we managed to move our attitude within sustainability?
Presentation of the first measurement in 2018 and comparison with the measurement done on day one.
– Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck (Professor, Luleå tekniska universitet)
Roe Langaas (Senior Analyst, Oxford Research)

Inspirational speakers: Attractiveness & competence supply
How do we create attractive places and brands? About using organisational development, change management, process management and visualisation as a way to achieve concrete solutions.
– Cherin Nilsson (Innovation Leader, Effect Innovation)
–  Johanna Rickan (Social Analyst, Effect Innovation)

Session 2: The space ecosystem and the way forward

The importance of a strong driving force and a clear goal
SSC – a motor for regional/national innovation within space and a strategic asset for Europe
– Stefan Gardefjord (CEO, SSC) 
Swedish Mining Innovation – success factors to build a national innovation programme
– Erik Hagenrud (Senior Project Manager – Swedish Mining Innovation)

Conclusion – take aways! 
What is the way forward? What do young people prioritise? Panel discussion on what conclusions can be drawn.
Moderator: Johanna Bergström Roos (Project Manager RIT, LTU Business)
– Maja Renström and Morgan Drysdale (Space students at LTU), Emma Jonsson (Growth Strategist, Kiruna kommun), Bernd Weiss (PhD, Luleå tekniska universitet), Olle Norberg (General director, IRF), Stefan Gardefjord (CEO, SSC), 

12.15 Lunch and good bye 

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