Space Student Event

Welcome to an inspiring afternoon where we talk about space and different opportunities for space students at LTU. You will meet a professor, an innovation expert, a space student alumnus who has started a new space company, a space engineer at Esrange Space Centre and space students representing Giron – the newly established space student organisation.



16:30 Introduction, Lars-Göran Westerberg, Professor at LTU

16.35 Innovation and entrepreneurship, Karoline Pettersson at LTU Business

17:00 Arctic Space Technologies, Sandra Nilsson LTU Alumnus and COO

17:45 Esrange Space Centre, Joakim Öman at SSC

18:30 Giron Space Organization, Kiira Tiensuu, Kyle Mayer and Juan Gracia Garcia-Lisbona, LTU space students in Kiruna

19:15 Studies abroad, Lars-Göran Westerberg, Professor at LTU


See you at campus in Luleå, Room A1545 or on Zoom: https://ltu-se.zoom.us/j/61463871639