Radical innovation within space applications – additive manufacturing example

Facilitation of Innovation within Space Manufacturing

Participants: LTU Product Innovation and GKN Aerospace Engine Systems

The application of Additive Manufacturing (AM) in space applications is alluring due to the promising possibility to optimise part design for function and low weight, while also reducing product cost. However, since AM technologies are relatively new, they also impose challenges. Engineers need to adapt their conventional mindsets into “thinking AM” to fully utilise process capabilities in order to find innovative design solutions. Furthermore, AM processes and materials exhibit characteristics that are not fully understood, making it necessary to find approaches to verify part and material quality to ascertain the function of critical applications.

This sub-project aims at building new knowledge within the rapidly growing field of AM, together with the space innovation network that exists in Sweden (including manufacturers, sub-suppliers, universities and end users). The sub-project includes two PhD students addressing the mentioned challenges.


Angelica Lindwall
Product innovation
[email protected]