2022 highlights from RIT project team

We’re approaching the end of an exciting year with many milestones we should all be proud of.

Our space region continues to develop, and the extension of the RIT-project by another 18 months is an important testimonial to everyone’s hard work.

With eight more months to go before we wrap up the RIT project, we are more focused than ever on making impact through sustainable development and strengthen the collaboration within the space arena, regionally, nationally, and internationally. In parallel, we are looking into the next step which most probably will be as a regional space cluster.

2023 is already looking bright for our space region.

  • We are looking forward to the launch of the first satellite from Esrange Spaceport. This will position us as an even stronger strategic partner on the global space arena.
  • Swedish Space Corporation (SSC), the Swedish Institute for Space Physics (IRF) and Luleå University of Technology (LTU) are advancing their test services for new micro launchers and space components meanwhile expanding the space research team and the space education programmes at Space Campus.
  • The system of innovation support services is well established, and space incubator ESA-BIC Sweden has a steady flow of  startups applying to join.

We’re looking forward to creating more magic with you in 2023!

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