Regional Suppliers

Regional SMEs are most important in order to develop the innovation ecosystem of the space region and they will actively be invited to our events. RIT 2021 will stimulate the development of highly specialized SMEs that creates a cluster of suppliers which in turn leads to increased competitiveness for the space region. Below we present some of the regional SME:s that deliver to the space sector or are interested in collaboration with the space business.

There are several other actors which are relevant for collaboration, both regional, national and international. The project RIT 2021 will invite several of these actors to participate and enrich the project in various ways, for example: the Graduate School of Space Technology, Aerospace Cluster Sweden, Big Science Sweden, European Enterprise Network and ESA Broker.

The project will also be open to collaboration with other interested parties that emerge over the course of the project. Therefor we warmly welcome external actors who are interested in collaborationg with us, to contact the project team.

List of regional SMEs

Develops automated and customized mobile equipment handling equipment primarily for large scale aircraft manufacturing.
Located in Umeå.

ACTAS Konsult AB
Provides services within certification processes, work environment and its implementations, ranging from quality to CE marking of your product. Specializes in project organization and management of construction projects in Northern Sweden.
Located in Kiruna, Gällivare, Piteå, Luleå  and Skellefteå.

Provides expertise in IT service-oriented solutions and systems development in the public sector and for applications in industry.
Located in Luleå.

Boliden Electro
Develops, manufactures and delivers advanced solutions, applications and services within distributed electrical power
Located in Boliden.

Provides leading cooling technology, using carbon fibers, for electronic components used in aerospace, automotive, data centres, computers, etc.
Located in Piteå.

Provides specialized mission-critical components for a wide variety of aerospace and defence applications by supplying advanced technical ceramics engineered for critical-duty applications. 
Located in Robertsfors.

Composite Service
Designs and manufacturing unique lightweight products in carbon fibre  based on our patented technology.
Located at the Swedish Compositecluster in Öjebyn, Sweden

Conex Engineering 
Provides consultancy in mechanics, project management and analysis.
Located in Luleå and Kalix.

Data Ductus
Provides IT Consultancy by combining expertise in Telecom, Enterprise IoT and Cloud Management, into a tailored delivery that enables organizations to embrace changing business and regulatory requirements through IT.
Located in Luleå and Skellefteå.

JIT Mech
Provides advanced mechanical manufacturing with high finish requirements
Located in Robertsfors.

JTM Mekaniska
Provides design and manufacturing in the fields of sheet-metal, welding, machinery, and hydraulics. The operations are based on quality assurance in accordance with ISO 9001.
Located in Kiruna.

LKAB Kimit
Provides explosives and expertise in chemical issues.
Located in Kiruna.

Microbit 2.0
Provides services in system development, web design/development and hosting, within internal use business applications as well as websites, e-commerce and digital strategy.
Located in Kalix and Luleå

Midroc Automation
Provides consultancy in control engineering and control technology.
Located in  Kiruna and Luleå (and other regions in Sweden).

Provides services in system development, web development, web design, hosting and technology.
Located in Kalix and Luleå.

Offers design and analyse of machinery, tools, gadgets, parts for lifting, steel structures etc. Are experienced in hydraulic- and electromechanical devices. Uses local workshops for prototyping and manufacturing when needed. CE-marking and safety in focus.
Located in Kiruna.

NMW Group
Provides advanced customer-fit workshop tasks in larger mechanical workshops.
Located in Kiruna, Luleå and Piteå.

N66 Connect
Provides consultancy in satellite technology and communication.
Located in Luleå.

Provides independent space environment qualification, especially focused on radiation.
Located in Kiruna and Stockholm.

Provides manufacturing of mobile satellite communications systems.
Located in Kalix.

Provides design and manufacturing of fixtures and tools, as well as advanced machine working, automated solutions and product development.
Located in Töre.

Provides complete mechanics within manufacturing, machine building and positioning.
Located in Skellefteå.

This list is under construction and if your company is interested in being part of this cluster please contact Olle Persson at Aerospace cluster Sweden.