ICEQREME: Interference Control and Estimation with a high-Quality Radio Environment Map of Esrange

Participants: LTU Division of Space Technology and Swedish Space Corporation (SSC)

Esrange Space Center, owned and operated by SSC, is one of the most versatile space centers worldwide. From here, SSC operate the world’s largest civilian satellite ground stations, acting as a hub in a global network of ground stations.

With increasing use and a growing customer base at the site, radio traffic, and in general the use of radio spectrum in the relevant spectral bands is growing. With this, there is also an increasing need to monitor, track, as well as predict the levels and nature of potential radio interference that may affect communications and radio measurements at the site.

The main goal of this project is therefore to understand and quantify the radio field strength and other relevant characteristics of radio interference with good accuracy, at any relevant position at Esrange, and at any relevant time. New models will be developed to provide a deeper understanding of the radio environment at Esrange and help to increase the utilization of the site.


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