Arctic Space Technologies – this year’s startup in Piteå

Sandra Nilsson, former space student at Luleå University of technologies and co-founder of Arctic Space Technologies.

Warm congratulations to Arctic Space Technologies who have been named this year’s start-up in Piteå. This company is established by space students from Luleå University of Technology and was one of the first start-ups in the Swedish space incubator ESA BIC Sweden, one of the key partners in RIT2021.

The motivation reads “Through software and antennas in connection with green data centers, the company has revolutionized communication between satellites and ground stations for companies all over the world. A business idea established in Piteå that has the universe as its market is an obvious winner of Startup of the Year.” The prize is awarded by Arctic Business and the jury group consists of Göran Carlson, Arctic business, Ingela Lidström, CEO Partner invest and Niklas Berg, In the cold.