Artcic Space Tech – the latest regional space start-up

Benjamin Fisher and Sandra Nilsson are the founders of Arctic Space Tech

Arctic Space Technologies is starting up in our region. They are included in the space incubator programme run by ESA-BIC Sweden who are partners in the RIT 2021 project. Arctic Space Tech has developed new ways for ground stations to communicate with satellites orbiting around the earth.

Arctic Space Tech will improve communications with satellites through new innovative solutions for ground-based systems. Today’s system sometimes uses outdated and analogue technology which are more expensive to operate. Arctic Space Tech solves today’s problems by offering new innovative cloud services and IT solutions that can meet the latest technology in the sector.

Benjamin Fisher has his roots in Austria and last year worked for the European Space Agency, ESA in a satellite project. Sandra Nilsson from Piteå has done her master thesis in radiation science for human spacecraft at a particle accelerator in German Darmstadt. Both have a background as space students at Luleå University of Technology at Space Campus in Kiruna.

RIT 2021 would like to welcome Arctic Space Technologies to the space community in our region and wishes you good luck on you exciting journey to establish a new space company!

Read the whole pressrelease here (in Swedish)