Jun-Dec achievements + Happy New Year!

The project team sums up the milestones and achievements of the past six months in this PDF review.

Here are just a few highlights of what you can learn:

  • With recent additions of industry-academia R&D partnerships, RIT2021 is now sponsoring a total of 14 applied research projects within aerospace.
  • New business opportunities as LKAB Kimit and Nybergs Mekaniska Verkstad have found new partners in our sector, ISAR Aerospace is establishing an office in Kiruna, university-affiliated startup eSat wins idea competition and space incubator ESA BIC welcomes two new startups.
  • We are also proud to share the launch of IRF SpaceLab. A milestone in Swedish space tech, as one of Sweden’s prominent and internationally bodies of research opens to test infrastructure and expertise to external users.
  • In September, Space Innovation Forum went online and saw an all-time-high interest from stakeholders.

Read the PDF here.

On behalf of all the project partners and sponsors, thank you for filling 2020 with great achievements – despite the unprecedented circumstances. We’re sure you’re looking forward to a hopefully brighter 2021 as much as we are.

/ RIT2021 Project team