Arctic Business manages ESA BIC Sweden from Luleå. Kristina Öhman, Contract Officer, Jens Lundström, Managing Director, and Emma Hansson, Project Leader.

Space incubator to continue for six more years

RIT partner Arctic Business, which runs the national space incubator ESA BIC Sweden, will continue to do so for at least 6 years – offering support to another 36 space startups.

Arctic Business also announced that ESA BIC Sweden is growing by the addition of a fourth node: Ideon innovation in Lund, Skåne.

– We are proud to have continued confidence to run ESA BIC Sweden and are happy to be joined by Ideon innovation in Lund. This will strengthen us in helping promising entrepreneurs all over Sweden to transform their space technology ideas into successful companies, says Jens Lundström, managing director of ESA BIC Sweden and CEO of Arctic Business.

– It is important to give small Swedish companies the opportunity to develop and become internationally competitive. ESA BIC Sweden does a great job of capturing early ideas and talents in space and equipping them, says Anna Rathsman, Director General of the Swedish National Space Agency.

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