Seasons Greetings!

RIT2021 Newsletter December 2021

Dear partners and stakeholders,

It was a great pleasure to see so many of you here in Kiruna during Space Innovation Forum. To finally meet in person again, to share important information and get the opportunity to discuss around the same table. These are things we cannot take for granted anymore and therefore they become extra valuable.

So many important steps have been taken the last years and it is obvious that our space region is developing according to plan and that we are keeping pace with the rapid development of the entire global space arena. The testing of new micro launchers at Esrange Space Centre and space components at IRF SpaceLab and all the labs at Luleå University of Technology (LTU) has taken off properly and picked up speed. SSC’s SmallSat Express will launch their first satellites in the end of 2022 and various customers are standing in line waiting for take-off. Space research at IRF and LTU is growing with several new positions needed to be staffed shortly and applications to our space education programmes at Space Campus are as high as ever. We have developed our way of collaborating, not least through the RIT project, and we can see that new business ideas evolve into start-ups and that regional enterprises get more and more involved in the space community. It looks very promising, and we are all part of this journey. Let’s keep up the good job!

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