Space start-up in new partnership for greener and safer satellite communication

North-Sweden based Arctic Space Technologies enters announces a partnership with EcoDataCenter, with the mission of creating a greener and more secure profile for satellite communication.

Arctic Space Data Hub

The Arctic Space Data Hub allows the operator to connect a satellite earth station antenna directly to its data processing hardware and software inside a data center. By enabling true real-time processing without latency while reducing bandwidth and storage requirements on the network and creating a highly secure bulletproof encapsulated system. The satellite operator decides which data leaves the premises, and which does not. On top of that we make satellite data handling almost fully carbon dioxide free. The high level of sustainability for the datacenters will help the satellites getting climate friendly.

”The partnership with EcoDataCenter creates an all-in-one satellite data handling platform that brings sustainability and scalability to our offering, while reducing costs and improving reliability and security. For the first time in history satellite data handling will become fully carbon dioxide free, and customers will have the opportunity to use the facilities of EcoDataCenter and Arctic Space Technologies as a one-stop solution to access and process their satellite data.”
– Benjamin Fischer, CEO Arctic Space.

Satellites key as we spend more time online

The increased demand of communication services is driven by the development of Internet of Things, 5G, an increasing time spent online and also the importance of climate research. The cost of building and using satellites for communication has decreased, which creates new possibilities for the industry. Satellite communication recently has gained new momentum, and today it is a growing market through many new users and increasing demands. The highly secure infrastructure and the green environment of EcoDataCenter improves the offering from Arctic Space Technologies.

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