Students grow tomorrow’s space products

The new business development programme Space Innovation Summer has just started. Students work on expanding new regional product or service ideas for space. Space Innovation Summer runs over nine weeks and is led by LTU Business as part of the highly popular summer programme.

Northern lights forecasts, avalanche alerts

Rebecka Svensson, Space Technology student at Luleå University of Technology, is one of the participating students.
– I joined to get qualified business experience and establish contacts in the space industry. I’m very excited to work with the Swedish Institute for Space Physics on their northern lights forecast application.

Aron Widforss, studying for a Master of Engineering. He joined Space Innovation Summer to become an entrepreneur and develop his avalanche alert idea.
– I’m using radar images from satellites to track avalanche activities in snow-rich areas. This is an extremely valuable chance for me to develop the business model with the guidance from business developers and other students.

 “Perfect for a startup like us”

Startup and RIT-spinoff PASQ provides service solutions for testing and qualifying components and systems designed to be sent on space missions, in order to reduce costs and risk for research institutes.
– Space Innovation Summer is perfect for us to collect insights by involving both energetic students and business strategy professionals. Our goal is to uncover new product ideas,” says Emil Vinterhav, CEO and founder of PASQ.

Match made in heaven

Led by LTU Business, students practice idea generation, innovation management, business strategy and pitching. Space Innovation Summer is one of four different programmes within LTU Business Summer and the only with a specific industry in focus. Teaming research with public and private sectors to boost innovation is one of the main goals with the RIT2021 project, hence a space programme seemed a match made in heaven to create a space programme within LTU Business Summer.

– In Space Innovation Summer we apply a proven method that we have developed in LTU Business Summer over many years to a new industry. It’s a great hands-on example of how we can collaborate to grow innovation, says Emil  Svanberg, Director of Innovation Management, LTU Business.

– The entire RIT2021 project team are very proud to offer young talents to be part of developing new business within the space industry. First of all they are a huge asset to the space ecosystem in the future. Furthermore, this is a way for them to gain work experience, contacts and develop entrepreneurial skills at an early stage in their career, says Johanna Bergström Roos, Project Manager, RIT2021.

LTU Business Summer is open only for students at Luleå University of Technology.

More info

Space Innovation Summer is presented at Space Innovation Forum 4-5 September.

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