RIT by Numbers

RIT is a regional development project to strengthen the space sector, which has been running for eight years and has now ended. – The possibilities in Norrbotten have been recognised. There is a positive force here, which we must take advantage of, so that we do not lose it, says Anna Rathsman, Director General of […]

Three major players establish on Space Campus

The space campus in Kiruna and the success of the RIT project were crucial to the establishment of Airbus. – Airbus wanted to work close to promising research and recruitable students. When I told them about the space campus in Kiruna and everything we have achieved with the RIT project, they were immediately interested, says […]

Registration open for Space Innovation Forum 19-20 sept 2023 in Kiruna

We look forward to share valueable insights and inspiring examples of REAL impact of collaboration and innovation spanning 8 years.  – The RIT project has attracted national and international recognition as a benchmark and success story of collaboration and innovation to drive regional development. We have grown the number of space companies in the region fourfold and built […]

Creating conditions for space startups to thrive

Have you ever heard of an innovation eco-system and wondered what it is and why it’s needed? Aren’t entrepreneurs self-made? We asked Jens Lundström, member of the RIT steering committee, about his experience to find out the some of impact of nearly ten years’ efforts to create ideal conditions for new space-related products, services and […]

2022 highlights from RIT project team

We’re approaching the end of an exciting year with many milestones we should all be proud of. Our space region continues to develop, and the extension of the RIT-project by another 18 months is an important testimonial to everyone’s hard work. With eight more months to go before we wrap up the RIT project, we […]

Building a test bed for space technology

In 2021, 400 billion dollars were invested in the space sector globally. That number is expected to rise to over $1 trillion by 2040. New technology combined with the increasing applications of satellite data means that the demand for access to testbeds for new designs and products is growing. Within the project RIT Rymd för […]

Empowering women in the space industry

Dr/LtCol Ella Carlsson Women in Space is a professional network to empower women and non-binaries in the aerospace community and inspire girls and women to a future in the industry. During the autumn, two events have taken place – in Kiruna at Space Innovation Forum in October and hybrid in December where Sweden’s first military space […]

A Tinder for matching perfect research expertise

During his PhD studies, Erik Nyberg sometimes struggled to find colleagues for interdisciplinary research projects and had the idea of a digital platform where he could source the perfect team. Now, he’s exploring whether there is potential to turn the idea into reality, using space as his test bed. An unexpected finding from Erik Nyberg’s […]

Space Investment and Talent Day

Space Investment and Talent Day  was arranged on November 7-8  by our partner Arctic Business, leading the Swedish space incubator ESA BIC Sweden. It was a hybrid event with two physical stages in Luleå and Trollhättan showcasing start-ups in the European Space Agency’s business incubation programme followed by a talent day match-making skilled professionals with […]