A Tinder for matching perfect research expertise

During his PhD studies, Erik Nyberg sometimes struggled to find colleagues for interdisciplinary research projects and had the idea of a digital platform where he could source the perfect team. Now, he’s exploring whether there is potential to turn the idea into reality, using space as his test bed. An unexpected finding from Erik Nyberg’s […]

The future of space is collab!

In a fully booked conference room in Kiruna, members from the academia, space companies, enabling organizations and the public sector gathered for two days. The fourteenth Space Innovation Forum event was themed “The next frontier – the space sector in Norrbotten, tomorrow and beyond”. The three work packages within RIT were presented by the project […]


The funds will support collaborative innovation through applied research, expanded lab and test facilities and business development for small- and medium enterprises. Led by regional development project RIT2021, the goal is to attract talent, investment and new business ventures to EU’s northernmost space hub. The triple helix partnership behind RIT2021 has received national and international […]

Startup from Swedish regional development project RIT2021 wins contract with Viasat Inc,

Arctic Space, a startup in satellite communications based in northern Sweden, is founded by three young engineers-turned entrepreneurs. Last week they reached a milstone when signing an international deal with Viasat, Inc. Thanks to grit and business development support from the regional development project RIT2021 (Space for Innovation and Growth), their innovative concept has accelerated […]

Great interest in Space Innovation Forum

The thirteenth Space Innovation Forum event was held in Kiruna on 1-2 December and attracted over a hundred visitors from academia, space companies, enabling organizations and the public sector. As Sweden and its northernmost space region is on the verge of providing unique launching capabilities on European ground, the event focused on the theme “Access […]

RIT2021 project manager Johanna Bergström Roos in Space Café WebTalk

On November 30, Space Café WebTalk will feature Johanna Bergström Roos, project manager for RIT2021, in conversation with SpaceWatch.Global’s publisher Torsten Kriening. The talk is titled “Rockets and Reindeers – A glimpse into Sweden’s northernmost space region”. The RIT2021 project is operated in the northernmost parts of Sweden, a region that is on the verge […]

Isar Aerospace expands in northern Sweden and joins RIT2021

The German launch service provider Isar Aerospace has joined the RIT2021 space development program and plans to expand its operations in the Kiruna space cluster in northern Sweden over the coming years with the help of Luleå University of Technology and other RIT2021 partners. Isar Aerospace, the leading European launch service provider focusing on small […]

Tips and inspiration for more Space in the classroom

The Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company (UR) has released a series of video presentations for teachers to use in their space education. The series was recorded at Space Campus (where IRF, EISCAT and LTU are located) and the space high school in Kiruna in May, 2021. The full series is available for streaming in Swedish on […]

Space incubator to continue for six more years

RIT partner Arctic Business, which runs the national space incubator ESA BIC Sweden, will continue to do so for at least 6 years – offering support to another 36 space startups. Arctic Business also announced that ESA BIC Sweden is growing by the addition of a fourth node: Ideon innovation in Lund, Skåne. – We […]

Recent achievements for RIT2021

The project team sums up milestones and achievements from the past six months. RIT2021 appointed Best Practice by Tillväxtverket (The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth) We are glad to announce that RIT2021 has been appointed Best Practice amongst Tillväxtverket’s projects within the regional development fund. Three Swedish projects were appointed to describe what […]