The funds will support collaborative innovation through applied research, expanded lab and test facilities and business development for small- and medium enterprises. Led by regional development project RIT2021, the goal is to attract talent, investment and new business ventures to EU’s northernmost space hub. The triple helix partnership behind RIT2021 has received national and international […]

Startup from Swedish regional development project RIT2021 wins contract with Viasat Inc,

Arctic Space, a startup in satellite communications based in northern Sweden, is founded by three young engineers-turned entrepreneurs. Last week they reached a milstone when signing an international deal with Viasat, Inc. Thanks to grit and business development support from the regional development project RIT2021 (Space for Innovation and Growth), their innovative concept has accelerated […]

Congratulations to Sumeet Satpute on your doctorate degree!

Sumeet Satpute has spent five years researching guidance and control for multiple spacecraft formation, resulting in a thesis and doctorate degree on 5 February 2021. Satputes research findings provides a roadmap for manufacturers and designers in building next-generation spacecrafts with ability to work collaboratively, all linked to one system.  The RIT2021-sponsored project is a collaboration […]

Jun-Dec achievements + Happy New Year!

The project team sums up the milestones and achievements of the past six months in this PDF review. Here are just a few highlights of what you can learn: With recent additions of industry-academia R&D partnerships, RIT2021 is now sponsoring a total of 14 applied research projects within aerospace. New business opportunities as LKAB Kimit […]

RIT-sponsored student business idea wins award

A student team at Luleå University of Technology recently won a top 5 placement in Venture Cup’s IDEA competition regional finals. The students behind RIT-sponsored startup eSat aim to make satellites more accessible, an idea that was first born in the Space Innovation Summer programme. Venture Cup is Sweden’s biggest competition for business ideas and […]

IRF SpaceLab – a milestone for Swedish space tech

Space as a service: World-leading engineers, infrastructure and data from one of Sweden’s most prominent and internationally recognized bodies within space research. The Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF) is launching IRF SpaceLab in Kiruna, Sweden. Open labs or test environments has a direct effect on growth as it attracts new business ventures and investments, […]

New product design partnership between GKN Aerospace and Luleå University of Technology

RIT2021 presents a new innovation partnership between GKN Aerospace and Luleå University of Technology. The project aims to enhance performance and reduce time to market for rocket engines through additive manufacturing (AM). Over a five-year period, RIT2021 has launched this along with 13 other innovation partnership projects. The competitive landscape in aerospace is changing fast, […]

AI to navigate space exploration in new innovation partnership

A new Swedish research project will develop game-changing AI-technology for space exploration. Scientists in robotics and AI are teaming up with space engineers in a new partnership project between Luleå University of Technology and space mission operator OHB Sweden. Over a five year period, RIT2021 has launched this along with 12 other new space research […]

Space students awarded idea developer diploma

LTU Business awards space students idea development diplomas for their projects on new innovations and research results. The students have participated in LTU Business Summer, a programme aiming to give extra growth to new innovations and at the same time give university students valuable work experience and contacts. The program includes four themes, of which […]

All-time-high interest in Space Innovation Forum

More interest than ever as the space conference went online and attracted over 150 stakeholders from industry, academia, policy-making, venture capital and startups to discuss business within satellite data. ”Satellite data is the new gold rush” The theme for Space Innovation Forum was business opportunities within satellite data, with keynote speakers providing a range of […]