About our events

At least five bigger events or “Space Innovation Forums”, as we call them, will be arranged during the project in order to encourage further collaboration between partners within the project and our primary target groups.

RIT 2021 will arrange two “Space Innovation Forums” per year during three years and put a special focus on applied science, technological development, technology transfer, idea generation and idea development. All with the aim of stimulating innovation and growth in the region.

Partners within RIT 2021 will also strive to attend events and meetings arranged by others, in order to widen the network and to increase the dissemination of the outcome of the project.

Our forums are expected to contribute to a number of synergies, for example:

  • An interesting arena for innovation and collaboration
  • Skills and technology transfer between individuals and organizations
  • New R&D projects at the cutting edge of technology
  • An increased space expertise in the region
  • An increased number of regional SMEs in the space industry
  • An increased attractiveness of the “Space Region”
  • Easier to recruit skilled staff

If you are interested in our events, please contact the project team.

Primary target groups

  • Established space companies
  • Regional SMEs that are not in the space business but wish to be so
  • Researchers within academia

If you belong to one of these groups and are interested in working with us, please contact someone in the project team so that we can take part of your ideas and figure out our common denominators.